‘Wreaths Across America’ Announces Mobile Education Exhibit

Credit: Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America is preparing to lay wreaths at national cemeteries in honor of America’s veterans this holiday season on December 17, National Wreaths Across America Day. While many participate in this event of remembrance, it is important that they understand the meaning of laying each wreath, especially for youth. To teach the next generation about the mission of Wreaths Across America and share stories of patriotism and sacrifice, Wreaths Across America has announced their Mobile Education Exhibit that will travel all around the country.

The Mobile Education Exhibit will be following the escort to Arlington this December beginning in Maine and making stops in New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.. According to Wreaths Across America, the purpose of the exhibit is to “bridge the gap between activeduty service members, veterans and civilians,” as well as to teach about patriotism and remember the service and sacrifice of America’s bravest. Part of the goal of the education initiative is to keep Wreaths Across America relevant so that newer generations continue its mission. 


Features of the exhibit include a theater for visual presentations, storyboards, exterior visual displays, and interactive computers on which guests can sponsor wreaths, search for a participating location, and sign up to be part of the Honor Fleet. Exhibit activities include making your own wreaths using the kit provided, coloring pages, and writing a message to an active duty military member or veteran. 

Part of the education taught through the exhibit is what each wreath symbolizes. According to Wreaths Across America, there are ten balsam bouquets that make up each wreath that represent ten special qualities embodied by our veterans. These qualities include their belief in the greater good; their love for each other; their strength, work ethic, and character; their honesty and integrity; their humility, selflessness, and modesty; their ambitions; their optimism for America; their concern for the future; their pride in their duties; and their hopes and dreams that didn’t always come true, but left them with no regrets.” The components of each wreath are also symbolic with evergreen symbolizing “longevity and endurance,” the forest scent symbolizing “purity and simplicity,” the red bow symbolizing “great sacrifice,” and the circular shape symbolizing “eternity.” 


Laying wreaths on the headstones of America’s bravest is a special event honoring and remembering our heroes who have kept us free. For younger generations, it is especially important that they not only honor and remember veterans, but understand the sacrifices they made in service to our country. Laying each wreath is a way for them to say thank you and make a connection with veterans that builds a positive relationship between youth and the heroes who have valiantly fought to protect them. 

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