‘Youth for Christ’ Raises Nearly $170K to Aid Displaced Staff in Ukraine

Credit: Youth for Christ International

Youth for Christ, a worldwide Christian youth organization, has raised nearly $170,000 to provide assistance to staff and volunteers in Ukraine who have been displaced after Russia’s invasion, according to The Christian Post. The funds are going to help 75 people working with Youth for Christ who were forced to flee their homes. Surpassing their goal of raising $135,000 to support their team over three months, Youth for Christ will be able to meet their needs and advance the development of their ministry in Ukraine thanks to generous donations. 

Joe Beckler, the director of communications and change management at Youth for Christ, told The Christian Post that the “funds will ‘be sent to YFC International’s European regional office for distribution, oversight and stewardship.’” Staff and volunteers have fled to Slovakia and each will be supported with $20 a day which will provide them with food and shelter. As donations continue to pour in, Beckler shared that they will use additional funds to build their ministry in Ukraine which has done incredible work providing services for youth including teen centers where youth can go for “safety, meals, fellowship, and support through trauma.”


According to Youth for Christ, for over 20 years, they have been helping churches in Ukraine reach youth through different programs. For children at risk, they have Day Centers where volunteers help children with their homework, give them food, and teach the Bible. For teens, Youth for Christ has Rock Solid clubs that have become a “popular way to share the Gospel.” Additionally, they provide “school of leadership training” to teach youth leaders how to guide children to “grow in faith.”

Confident in the power of prayer, Beckler is hoping that even more people will join in “praying for peace and protection in Eastern Europe,” and he expressed their appreciation for the generosity of donors. Being there for their staff and volunteers in Ukraine, Youth for Christ is able to sustain them after fleeing their homes while continuing to provide their essential services to teens and youth. 


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