YouTube Star Feeds and Rescues Hurricane Ian Victims

Credit: Shutterstock

YouTube star Robert Arrington from ‘Deer Meat For Dinner’ went out on a humanitarian mission to Pine Island, Florida where residents were in desperate need of help and rescue after Hurricane Ian destroyed their homes. Using his own boat to search the area for people to rescue and firing up a large grill cooking 500 pounds of chicken to give away in a parking lot, Arrington brought relief to many Floridans who have been suffering in the aftermath of the hurricane. Arrington uploaded a video documenting his experience to his YouTube channel, ‘Deer Meat For Dinner,’ which he began by offering his “most heartfelt condolences and prayers to everybody affected by Hurricane Ian.” 

In the parking lot of a Publix grocery store, Arrington loaded his grill with chicken and offered bottled water to people in the area. Residents approached Arrington with incredibly grateful hearts, including one man who was living out of his car since his home was destroyed. Offering cooked chicken to all from toddlers to the elderly, Arrington relieved their hunger giving them a chance to regain energy and focus as they continue on the path of recovery. 


Driving his boat through the water, Arrington passed heartbreaking sights of death and destruction, things he explained he would never share on video. After arriving at a house where he spoke with a resident who described the severity of the storm, Arrington gave him cases of water entrusting him with handing it out should anyone in need approach him. 

Arrington saved a few people who were stranded on the island, and even offered one couple  money who turned it away being grateful enough for his rescue. While Arrington was driving his boat down the road, he rescued another couple who he drove to safety seated in his boat. 


Upon learning that people needed to be rescued off the island, Arrington and his crew quickly gathered food, water, and gas to help their neighbors. In times of distress, relying on the compassion of good samaritans is often one of the only lifelines people have for survival. For many, Arrington’s arrival was likely an answered prayer for help. Not only did Arrington feed the hungry and save some of those in peril, he provided Floridians and his viewers with hope and faith that miracles can happen with the kindness of people willing to help. 

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