10 Year Old Brain Cancer Survivor Receives Special Gift From Hero Tom Brady

In a heartwarming interview on Wednesday’s FOX and Friends with ten year old brain cancer survivor Noah Reeb, and his father James Reeb, Ainsley Earhardt discussed the tremendous impact quarterback Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had on Noah’s battle with cancer and recovery. After holding up a sign at a football game in October that read “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer,” Noah caught the quarterback’s attention who gave him his hat, and now has surprised him with another special gift, tickets for Noah and his family to go to the superbowl. 

Young Noah shared that Tom Brady has been his “hero all along” and recalled a video Brady sent him when he was first diagnosed with cancer that helped him stay positive. After Noah’s father, James, recommended Brady as the best quarterback, he watched his highlight reels which got him through his treatment. Then, James flew his son 2,000 miles to see a game with Tom Brady where his magical experience began. 


In presenting the tickets to Noah, Tom Brady shared that Noah is an inspiration to millions of people, including himself, and he wanted to give him a special thank you. Working with his team and the NFL, Brady secured tickets for Noah and his family at this year’s superbowl in Los Angeles. 

Noah’s inspirational story is one that will raise the spirits of so many people and help them find their strength like he did. Noah and his father agreed that in bad times, so much good can happen, and focusing on the positive along with having faith is what can make all the difference.


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