AAA Manager Describes Gas Theft and How To Prevent It

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed the corporate communications manager of AAA, Doug Shupe, to discuss the threat of gasoline theft as prices continue to rise. 

Shupe explained that thieves are no longer removing the gasoline by siphoning it out due to newer car features. Instead, they are drilling holes into the gas tank and letting it flow out, causing drivers to replace their gas tank which could cost at least $1,000. 


With thieves targeting parked vehicles, Shupe made recommendations of the steps drivers can take to prevent theft. He suggests parking one’s car in a garage if possible and getting surveillance cameras and security lights. If one has to park in public, he suggests finding a fenced area, and if in a garage, parking near stairwells, elevators, entrances, or any place that has a lot of foot traffic. 


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