Ainsley Earhardt Discusses the Theme of Faith in ‘I’m So Glad You Were Born’ on ‘Hannity’

On ‘Hannity’ Tuesday night, Ainsley Earhardt discussed her new children’s book, I’m So Glad You Were Born and the important message it shares with all children and families celebrating the gift of life. 

Sean Hannity praised I’m So Glad You Were Born for reminding everyone that although there is darkness, there is light in this world and wonderful people to celebrate. Discussing the uniqueness of each human being, Hannity shared that “God created every man, woman, and child,” adding that it is important to recognize the blessing of living in a free country where each person’s “talents can be brought to fruition.”  


Ainsley discussed the importance of God in her life and hopes that children reading her book will also find the strength, love, and hope that she has found through faith. 


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