Alaska Governor Argues Biden’s Energy Policy Will ‘Punish’ Americans

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy to discuss the Biden administration’s energy policy as they double down on not considering the Keystone pipeline. 

Dunleavy explained that with their approach, the Biden administration is going to end up “punishing the American people” by making us “more energy insecure, not secure and it’s going to embolden our enemies.” He notes that the purpose of their approach is “to drive us into a green world quicker than the green world itself is ready for,” and it’s going to hurt the American people. Adding that the Biden administration is “bent on social engineering this country,” they are ignoring the needs of Americans. 


Dunleavy shared that Alaska will provide relief to Alaskans as gas prices soar with a dividend of around $3,700 per person to offset costs. 


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