American in Ukraine Describes Chaos While Stuck in Kharkiv

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Valentina Barsukova, an American citizen born in Ukraine, who is now stuck in Kharkiv amid Russia’s violent invasion. Barsukova arrived in Ukraine before tensions severely escalated with Russia to visit her mother for her birthday, and she described the scary situation Ukrainians are now facing in their homeland. 

Barsukova shared that though they knew the conflict with Russia was going on for years, they never thought they would be seeing all of Ukraine “on fire.” She explained the situation as chaotic with nearly everything closed except for grocery stores, which have very long lines and are nearly empty themselves, and pharmacies. With banks closed, Barsukova pointed out that people cannot use credit cards and are relying on Ukrainian cash. Regarding leaving Kharkiv, Barsukova explained that it is not safe to drive, with taxis even unwilling, as bombs are heard all day and night. She hopes to make it to the train station, but with the men being forced to stay behind to defend the country, she fears her American husband may be prohibited from joining her as busy officials will not take time to look over paperwork. Barsukova hopes to be able to return to America soon and appreciates the thoughts and prayers for Ukraine. 

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