Anti-Theft Fog System Prevents Thieves From Shoplifting

DensityUSA President Mike Egel joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss his anti-theft system that uses heavy fog to stop shoplifters. 

Egel explained that the idea for the anti-theft system started in Europe about 20 years ago, and his company is bringing it to the United States and Canada. 


The system works by being connected directly to the alarm system. When the alarm system is activated, the fog is immediately deployed and the criminals leave. In the United States, the system is mostly allowed for use only overnight as some have raised concerns deploying it while customers are shopping during the day. The fog is dry and dense, and does not pose any harm, so if customers are notified to just stay in place, they would be okay if a store opts to use the system during shopping hours. 

Retail, high-end jewelry, and gun stores are among those that have successfully used the fog system to prevent their assets from being stolen. 


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