Archbishop Highlights Ukraine’s Faith, Unity and Valor

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Archbishop Borys Gudziak from a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Philadelphia who discussed Ukraine’s strong faith and incredible resilience amid Russia’s violent attacks. Archbishop Gudziak, who lived in Ukraine for some time, shared that the Ukrainian people are strong and united in their belief in God and in the fight for their country. 

Archbishop Gudziak explained that while they are sacrificing much, Ukrainians are sticking to their principles and defending freedom. He pointed out that Putin fears the freedom of Ukraine and does not want Russia to adopt the same ideals. Though it appears that Russia thought this fight would be over quickly, the Ukrainians have shown strong resilience and might in the defense of their country. Archbishop Gudziak said that “the resolve of the country is getting stronger,” and Ukrainians are not allowing the Russians to advance. 


In closing, Ainsley reminded Archbishop Gudziak that prayers are being said for the people of Ukraine and churches as their buildings turn into bomb shelters, adding that they will continue to be “surrounded by prayer and a hedge of protection.” 


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