Arizona AG Candidate Describes Effects of Escalating Border Crisis on Her Family

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Tiffany Shedd (R), a farmer, lawyer, and mother of three from Arizona who is running for state Attorney General with the promise to better control the southern border. Shedd has personally experienced the effects of the border crisis on her family’s farm that is 90 miles north of the border. 

Shedd explained that since the Biden Administration took over, the crisis has escalated to the point where her community, 90 miles away from the border, is being subject to “regular run-ins” with cartels, drug traffickers, and human smugglers. On her family farm, Shedd described the terrifying way they must raise their children in order to keep them and their family safe as one of the most dangerous trafficking routes runs right through their farm. Shedd asserted that “no one should have to raise their [children] this way,” being prepared to call 911 if one of their parents is harmed checking the field, and being prepared to defend themselves if needed until law enforcement, which is about 30 minutes away, is able to arrive. 


Shedd stated that Arizona is at a “tipping point,” and she will do whatever she can to keep families safe and secure the border.


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