Arizona AG Candidate Vows to Declare Cartels a Terrorist Organization

Arizona Attorney General candidate Abe Hamadeh joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss how he would respond to the border crisis beginning with labeling cartels as terrorist organizations.  

Hamadeh, who is a former Army captain and intelligence officer, explained that he would expand the federal government’s definition of what a terrorist organization is to include cartels as terrorist organizations, adding that this would allow sentencing to go from five years in prison to a minimum of ten years. Citing 240,000 border crossings each month, Hamadeh is ready to “take power back from the federal government and take matters into” their own hands in Arizona. 


Hamadeh stressed that the border crisis is not just affecting southern states, it affects the entire country, and the United States “needs to know what is at stake.”


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