At 103 Years Old, Sister Jean Shares Life Lessons and Previews Upcoming Memoir

Loyola Chicago matriarch Sister Jean, who is 103 years old, joined FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to share her life lessons and preview her upcoming memoir ‘Wake Up with Purpose!’

Sister Jean shared that the secret to a long life is eating well, sleeping well, and praying well. She also credits having good genes in her family.


Sister Jean shared that what has stood out to her the most over the last 100 years is the evolution of education, noting how advances in technology are impressive as is the youth who can use it so well. 

As matriarch of the Loyola men’s basketball team, Sister Jean said that they keep her “young at heart” and she learns a lot from them. 


Writing the book and being matriarch of the basketball team is something Sister Jean said she felt God was calling her to do in her life. She shared that among her values is taking care of herself and helping others.

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