‘Bar Rescue’ Host Shares Powerful Message About Conflict in New Book, Describes Restaurant Industry Struggles

Monday morning on FOX and Friends Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Jon Taffer, the host of ‘Bar Rescue,’ to discuss the economic struggles of restaurant owners and the powerful message he shares in his new book, The Power of Conflict.

Taffer explained that restaurant owners are struggling with the impact of inflation as the high cost of food, utilities, and wages is causing them to worry. He shared that even though his own restaurants have seen growth, they cannot meet the demand because they do not have the workforce to do so, noting that the cost of gas is a challenge, and they are even running into problems getting food. 


In his new book, The Power of Conflict, Taffer explains that people must fight for what is important to them because if they do not, it may disappear. He describes conflict not in terms of being disrespectful or insulting, but as being engaged in the arena where one defends what matters most to them through a respectful and strategic way with the skills and confidence needed to be successful. 


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