Beth Moore Details New Book Discussing Her Religious Journey and Troubled Childhood

Bestselling author and Bible teacher Beth Moore joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss her new book, All My Knotted-Up Life, which is a memoir detailing her religious journey. 

Moore’s book opens up with her experience in the water holding onto her father’s leg, terrified that she would get lost in the ocean, until he brings her to safety. Moore discusses her life growing up, including being molested as a child, feeling that it was time to “go deeper” with those she serves. 


Regarding abuse, Moore feels that many people do not understand the full impact that it has on a life. She noted that when an abuser uses the “appearance of being Godly, and Christian, and religious,” it hides what is actually happening in someone’s home. 

Many children who are abused walk away from the church because they wonder how someone who claims to be such a strong Christian can commit such acts. Ainsley praised Moore for remaining committed to her faith, adding that God is using Moore with her studies and speaking. 


Moore affirmed that it is important for people to understand that “of all places women should be treated with dignity it would be in the church.” 

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