‘Blankets of Hope’ Founders Inspire Movement of Kindness to Help the Homeless

‘Blankets of Hope’ founders Nick and Mike Fiorito joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss their non-profit, Blankets of Hope, which gives blankets through acts of kindness to the homeless. 

The Fiorito’s explained that the idea for starting Blankets of Hope began when Nick simply gave a blanket to a homeless man he saw every morning on his way to work. Since then, the brothers both quit their jobs to turn that one act of kindness into a global movement, reaching more homeless people in need. 


Blankets of Hope partners with schools across the country who can reach out to the organization to receive blankets that their students can give to others in need. The program includes a 30-minute kindness workshop in which students write handwritten letters to the person receiving the blanket, making the act even more special and meaningful for all involved.

Nick explained that two lives are impacted by each blanket that is given out; one being the giver who practices empathy and kindness, and the other being the recipient who feels the warmth and love that has been shared with them. 


Part of what makes Blankets of Hope unique is the special connection they make with the people they help. They begin with finding out the person’s name, knowing that many have not heard their names called, and that simple act can warm their hearts and make them feel good. The brothers hope to expand their outreach to connect homeless people with resources that will help them. 

Mike summed up their work with the inspirational message that, “the secret to living is giving, and the more that we give and become part of something bigger than ourselves, the more alive we really feel inside.”

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