Boston Kicks Off Independence Day Weekend Extravaganza

Kicking off Fourth of July weekend on FOX and Friends, Fox Nation Host Abby Hornacek joined Boston Harborfest Marketing Manager George Comeau in the heart of Boston to discuss Boston’s massive celebration of Independence Day.

With the Boston Harborfest entering its 41st year, the historic town of Boston is ready to celebrate where America’s fight for independence all began. Comeau shared that there are 32 different events planned in Boston this weekend, plus all the historic landmarks that visitors can see. Today, they begin with a special cake cutting ceremony, and upcoming events will include chowderfest, a car show, and a dog show. Nearly everything taking place in Boston this weekend is rooted in history, authenticity, and tradition, shared Comeau, whose enthusiasm for the celebrations reminds everyone of the special holiday that is Independence Day. 


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