British Cab Driver Describes His Effort Transporting Ukrainians Across Polish Border

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Roman Tymchushyn, a cab driver from the UK who is helping vulnerable Ukrainians across the Polish border to safety. Tymchushyn has helped nearly 100 Ukrainian refugees, and is setting a goal to help even more. 

After the start of the Russian invasion, Tymchushyn returned to his hometown of Lviv in his London taxi cab to transport Ukrainian civilians across the border of Poland. The people he transports have experienced tragedy beyond words as many lost their homes and relatives. Tymchushyn shared that the passengers in his cab have mixed reactions with some sitting in silence, many praying, and others expressing optimism for a brighter future. Tymchushyn explained that many can be optimistic as they believe in the might of their military and hold deep pride in their country. 


Tymchushyn is trying to raise money so that he can purchase SUVs which would allow him to transport even more people to safety. To learn more about Tymchushyn’s story and to donate to his cause, visit


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