Brutal NY Subway Attacker Finally Behind Bars

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Bew Jirajariywetch, a Thai model who was brutally attacked in a New York City subway last November by career criminal Kevin Douglas who is now facing assault and robbery charges. Bew appeared with her attorney Eric Parnes who explained the growing problems with crime in the city. 

Bew described the attack that occurred on a subway platform in Herald Square, near Macy’s, where she was grabbed and dragged down, beaten, inappropriately touched, and had her purse stolen. Douglas has a lengthy rap sheet with 44 arrests going back to 1997, and he was arrested 16 times in just one day in March of 2019. Finally behind bars, Douglas is set to appear in court on April 1. 


In response to Ainsley’s inquiry about why it took so many arrests to get Douglas behind bars, Eric Parnes explained that it comes down to the crime policies, adding that law enforcement are being prevented from doing their jobs, and they are disincentivized knowing that criminals will immediately walk free after they are arrested. Bew warned city-goers to be careful on the streets as crime continues to be an escalating threat. 


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