Bus Filled With Illegal Immigrants Arrives in New York City From Texas

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Fox News’ Todd Piro reported from the Port Authority in New York City on the arrival of a bus filled with migrants that was sent from Texas. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent the migrants to the “sanctuary city” that New York City Mayor Eric Adams boasts about saying that there is an abundance of city services and housing within the city, though it appears panic is setting in as Mayor Adams fears the shelter system may not be able to support the influx of illegal immigrants. At Port Authority, the bus circled the block for about 20-30 minutes before securing a location, and the migrants waited just about 5-10 minutes before leaving the bus as they were greeted by individuals who took them to another location. 


Governor Abbott noted that on the southern border of Texas and Arizona, they receive 5,000 to 7,000 migrants each day, and he only started bussing them out of Texas when officials could no longer handle the number of migrants coming over the border. 


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