California Mother Takes Legal Action Against School District’s Secret Push For Transgenderism

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Jessica Konen, a mother from a California school district where teachers were inappropriately trying to convince her middle-school aged daughter that she was transgender. Konen appeared with her attorney Harmeet Dhillon, founder of the Center for American Liberty, who is heading the legal action in this case. 

Teachers in the school district were pushing Konen’s daughter to change her gender, name, and pronouns in secret, encouraging her to hide the changes from her mother. Konen explained that her daughter was starting to experience sexuality in different ways and showed interest in gender fluidity, bisexualism, transgenderism, and it was all very concerning. Ainsley pointed out that among the most disturbing aspects of this case is that the school was in fact convincing the student that her mother could not be trusted and that the child’s choices should remain a secret. Konen’s daughter has now chosen to learn from home, which has allowed her to “breathe” with the elimination of the incessant pressure from her teachers.


Harmeet Dhillon asserted that the teachers and the school district have acted inappropriately and are “pushing a political agenda” through vulnerable children. She explains that they are trying to draw attention to the issue that is inflicting permanent “emotional distress” onto children and their families. Dhillon suggests that for teachers to exert this much power over the personal lives of their students, they are crossing a line into “predatory behavior” which will not be tolerated. The school district has just a few weeks left to respond to the legal claim which, if left unresolved, will result in further legal action. 


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