Canadian Trucker Explains Worsening Conditions

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Canadian trucker David Henry to discuss the escalating crisis in Canada amid Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s extreme treatment of truckers protesting the vaccine mandate. The Prime Minister is now doubling down as truckers have blocked access at a key border crossing at a bridge between Michigan and Canada. 

Henry shared that with 90% of truck drivers vaccinated, the mandate just seems like a “slap in the face.” Conditions for truck drivers have only gotten worse as they experience a lack of access to good parking, washroom facilities, and even getting food as businesses are turning the truckers away from service. Though Henry explained that he believes in the right to peacefully protest, he cannot say that he agrees with the blockade as there are other truckers out there trying to get their jobs done. 


In response to Ainsley’s inquiry regarding how Henry felt about Trudeau’s lack of support, Henry stated that he is not surprised especially since Trudeau called the protestors “a fringe minority with unacceptable views.” Reflecting on the Prime Minister’s handling of the situation, Henry explained that everything is a mess and he wishes Trudeau would act more like a leader. 


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