CBP Asks Agents to Redeploy to the North as Border Crisis Escalates

The chairman of the Pittsburgh/New Hampshire Select Board Richard Judd joined Ainsley Earhardt Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends to discuss how CBP leadership is asking agents to redeploy to the northern border as migrant encounters have surged more than 800% in recent months. 

Judd explained that families along the border are nervous, and with a lack of border patrol agents in the north, their concerns are only growing. Judd is uncertain of who exactly is crossing the border, but residents know that there have been several arrests since December. 


The reason the northern border is now seeing such an influx of migrants is because they know the northern border is not “as occupied by the border patrol” as they are in the south, suggested Judd. 

Judd argued that the northern border needs a full-time force both at the border and in police departments, but they have not had many applicants. Judd suggested that the reason the police force has less applicants is because they cannot pay the rates. 


As far as the future of America, Judd is very worried, noting that the country has “changed drastically in the last few years.” 

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