CEO of Hatzalah Ukraine Explains Why He Stayed Behind

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Shlomo Rosilio, the CEO of Hatzalah Ukraine which is a coalition of humanitarian, non-governmental, and medical organizations working together to assist victims of war. While his family fled to safety in Israel, Shlomo stayed behind to make sure the families who still need to leave are able to do so. 

Ukrainians are on high alert since Putin sent troops into breakaway regions, and Shlomo recognizes that anything can happen in a matter of moments. His organization has buses lined up ready to go at a moment’s notice, along with a Red Cross ambulance from Israel, and they are working with police. Additionally, they provide psychological assistance to children who are experiencing the tense situation unfold. Shlomo asserts there is indeed a war, which has been going on for 8 years now, and Ukraine needs effective support from large nations. 


To support Hatzalah Ukraine and help get Ukrainians to safety, Shlomo has asked people to visit his website


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