CEO of Pinnacle Slams Biden’s Failures on Energy Production

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Ryan Sitton, the founder and CEO of Pinnacle, a company providing reliable data to oil, gas, and other industry leaders, to discuss the blame Democrats are placing on others as gas prices continue to soar. 

Sitton explained that Democrats are trying to create a distraction from the real problem of Biden’s policies that are negatively impacting Americans. He shared that “the fact is oil prices are up because supply is down, and the reason supply is down is that banks and financial institutions are hesitant to invest in the oil industry because of all the narratives coming out of government entities.” Noting that the Keystone Pipeline would have not only replaced the oil from Russia but the type of oil as well, Sitton explained that Biden’s bad strategy has not made this possible and has “put a clamp” on America’s ability to produce our own energy.

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