Chicago Businessman Gives Away Over $1 Million in Gas

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed humanitarian and businessman Dr. Willie Wilson who is giving away one million dollars in free gas to ease the burden on drivers in Illinois, after giving away $200,000 last week. 

Wilson explained that there was a time when he was poor himself and hates to see people struggling. As people were asking for gas money to get to work and daycare centers, Wilson decided to give out $200,000 to buy gas for those struggling, however, he felt bad that some people did not have the chance to receive the help, so he decided to help another day giving away one million dollars worth of gas. To help the event run smoothly and safely, the local police departments will be present along with people who are helping direct traffic. 


In response to criticism about traffic jams and gridlock, Wilson suggested that those complaining help out their neighbors by buying them a tank of gas. He also pointed out that no one seems to complain when traffic jams build up around sports stadiums as people make their way to the games. 

Philanthropy is not new to Wilson as he shared that he gave away around 5 million dollars last year to people who were struggling, and his help was not just limited to the Chicago area as he went to New Orleans as well. Depending on the success of this event, Wilson may hold another to help drivers cope with rising gas prices. 


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