Chicago Mayoral Candidate: ‘Criminals have been emboldened to get wilder and crazier’

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Chicago mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez and Chicago alderman Anthony Napolitano to discuss the rising crime in Chicago where at least five postal workers have been targeted by an armed robber since August. 

Lopez explained that criminals know that there are no consequences in Chicago for their actions and have turned the city into a chaotic and scary mess. Lopez added that it is not just postal workers who are being targeted, but city crews working in the neighborhoods are also being targeted by these criminals who seem to have a growing interest in attacking public servants. 


Lopez shared that the first issue that needs to be addressed is making sure there are consequences to the actions of criminals in Chicago. Additionally, Lopez wants the police department to be led by someone who understands the city and will protect it. 


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