Chicago Mayoral Candidate Warns of SAFE-T Act’s Impact on Crime

Chicago mayoral candidate Raymond Lopez (D) joined Ainsley Earhardt Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends to share his reaction to Illinois’ SAFE-T Act which will eliminate cash bail for most criminals including those charged with violent crimes such as second-degree murder and aggravated assault. 

Lopez explained that some of his democratic political colleagues are making it more and more difficult to defend the victims in the city of Chicago because they stand with the criminals and create policies that benefit them. Citing that in Chicago there have been over 3,000 victims of shootings and nearly 600 people killed just this year alone, Lopez argued that the current policies are emboldening criminals and victims are being ignored. 


Lopez strongly asserted that “we cannot keep cowering to criminals, we must start standing up for victims in the city and in this country.” 


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