Clay Travis Reacts to White House Snub of Georgia Bulldogs

Back-to-back college football champions, the Georgia Bulldogs, have been snubbed for the second year in a row not being invited to the White House. The Bulldogs’ defensive lineman Warren Brinson tweeted President Biden about the snub saying that “no invite to the White House is crazy.” 

Outkick founder Clay Travis joined FOX and Friends to discuss the outrage surrounding the White House overlooking the victorious team. Travis called the snub “nonsensical,” noting the incredible success of the Georgia Bulldogs. 


Travis shared that he bets that once the White House hears of the outrage, considering that Georgia is a state Biden won in 2020, and needs again in 2024, they might think again about inviting the team to the White House. 

Even if sports have become political at the White House, which Travis says is likely true, he questioned how they could not recognize that Georgia is a “toss-up state.” Travis wondered whether the snub could be because Herschel Walker ran for senate in the state of Georgia. 


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