College Professors and Students Push Back Against Booster Mandates

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt discussed the pushback to COVID booster mandates at top universities across the country with Professor of Economics at Boston College, Peter Ireland, and third-year law student at George Mason University, Jacob Meckler. Both gentlemen explained why they are against the booster mandates. 

Professor Ireland shared that efforts at Boston College have been underway to get the administration to change policies. About 900 parents, alums, and students have signed a petition, and letters have been written repeatedly to key members of the administration and the trustees of the university outlining a more sensible plan along the lines of a strong recommendation for the vaccine instead of a mandate. He added that it is disappointing and embarrassing that a college that appeals to science is not following the data. 


Jacob Meckler pointed out the hypocrisy of the administrators imposing the mandate who are not mandated to get the booster themselves as state employees. Noting that the university has not been honest in the past regarding masks and vaccines, Meckler explained why the university should not be trusted to make medical decisions. 


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