Company Hires Stay-At-Home-Mothers and High School Students to Remedy Worker Shortage

Tuesday morning on Fox and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed the CEO and two employees from Tusco Display, a company in Ohio that is hiring stay-at-home-mothers and high school students to remedy the worker shortage. CEO Mike Lauber shared that he reached out to the community asking for people to work for his company on a part-time basis, which was especially appealing to those with children. 

Discussing their positions, Margaret Affolter, a mother of four, and Brittany Braun, also a mother of four, shared that working at this company has helped them find a wonderful balance taking care of their children with work obligations. Margaret explained that with her part-time job, she can drop her daughter off at school in the morning, get to work on time, and then back to the school to pick up her daughter at the end of the day. Brittany also has a favorable schedule as a full-time employee that allows her to go to work in the morning while her husband gets their kids ready for school, and she is back home before her kids get off the bus. 


Ainsley highlighted that having this new schedule has made a difference in the lives of mothers and children who now have the opportunity to spend more time together. Lauber shares that he is proud to have a company that is flexible and can help families find a healthy balance between work, school, and quality time. 


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