Country Star Jimmie Allen Inspires Fans With Message of Hope, Faith, and Family

Country star Jimmie Allen joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to share the inspiration behind his newest album ‘Tulip Drive’ which he gets from his family. Allen, who will be touring with Carrie Underwood, is known for blending country, pop, and R&B music. 

Allen inspired his audience with an encouraging message of hope, faith, and believing in oneself. Experiencing homelessness at one point, Allen shared that he will always remember “the guy who gave him a buck” and changed his life, and today he continues to pay it forward to others by not letting a week go by without giving someone that same generosity. When asked if he was surprised about his success after experiencing tough times, Allen responded that he was not surprised because he worked hard, adding that anyone working towards a goal should not be surprised at their success, but grateful for it and understand that it all comes down to timing. 

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