Country Star Scooter Brown Describes Rescuing Ukrainian Orphans

Friday morning on FOX and Friends, country singer and Marine veteran Scooter Brown and retired Army Green Beret Andy Lang discussed their efforts rescuing families and orphans from Ukraine. 

Brown, who hosted a 9-year-old boy over Christmas through New Horizons For Children, knew that the boy was fearing for his life and took action to save him along with dozens of other orphans. Brown reached out to Lang who then contacted Operation Light Shine to put together the operation to get the boy and the others evacuated to safety. The operation was a success, and the children, including the 9-year-old boy were full of smiles as they were greeted in Poland. Upon reuniting, Brown took the children and the workers to a McDonald’s where he bought them all meals. 


Brown praised the workers of the orphanage who made the children feel comfortable and safe though they were in great danger. Noting that the “key” to the operation was to get all of the children to safety, Brown shared that they view the children as part of their family and were glad that their mission was a success. 


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