Dan Murphy Remembers Son on Opening Day of Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum

Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends, Brian Kilmeade interviewed father of Michael Murphy, Dan Murphy, Museum Board Member Robert Agostinelli, and retired Capt. Drew Bisset of the Navy SEAL Mentoring Program on the opening day of the new Lt. Michael P. Murphy Navy SEAL Museum in West Sayville, New York. 

Dan Murphy shared that the museum gives an opportunity to tell not just Michael’s story, but the Navy SEAL story from World War II to the present, adding that it’s not just about Michael but about his teammates and brothers as well. Speaking about his son, Dan Murphy explained that Michael had incredible focus and initiative declaring that he would never ever quit on anybody or anything. 


Capt. Drew Bisset, who mentored Michael Murphy also shared that he saw heroic qualities in Michael who he described as a “giver” in that he wanted to serve his country and give back. Bisset added that though the country is divided, he is encouraged by the number of people who he learns want to serve and become SEALs themselves. 


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