Dana Loesch Reacts to New “Unconstitutional” San Jose Gun Ordinance

On FOX and Friends Thursday morning, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed San Jose radio host Dana Loesch who shared her reaction to a new ordinance in San Jose that will charge all gun owners $25 a year and require them to carry liability insurance if approved. Loesch explained that this ordinance is unconstitutional. 

According to Loesch, the ordinance is “punishing law-abiding innocent firearm owners, and criminals are not going to comply with something like this.” She explained that according to the California Rifle and Pistol Association, 94% of public commentary was against the ordinance. Loesch pointed out that California, a state with red flag laws, universal background checks, gun registries, ammo and magazine restrictions, and an assault weapons ban shouldn’t even be having these crime problems, but lawmakers have failed and continue to fail to understand that the problem lies with the criminals.


In response to Ainsley’s question about whether or not this sets a precedent for others, Loesch shared that it could, especially if it is able to pass, but Loesch is doubtful that the ordinance will hold up in court.


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