Democrat, Republican Voters Discuss Top Issues Ahead of State of the Union Address

Democrat and Republican voters joined Ainsley Earhardt Tuesday morning on FOX and Friends to discuss the top issues facing the United States today and what they hope to hear from President Biden during his State of the Union address tonight. The top issues according to this panel include China, foreign policy, the economy, education, mental health, the border crisis, and gun violence.

Republican voter Brian Benstock shared that “people don’t like the direction” our country is going, adding that Biden needs to have a better strategy than blaming Trump to bring hope back to the American people. He warned against being friendly towards China, noting that they are “our enemy,” as well as the disastrous effects of the Green New Deal. 


Marissa Caro-Cortese, a Democratic voter, shared that she wants to see Biden discuss foreign policy including details about the Chinese spy balloon and the border.

Moderate voter, Kisha Hebbon, shared that she doesn’t believe Biden is resonating with a lot of Americans, and he needs to come out “stronger” and say what his plan is as opposed to what it’s not. 


Christopher Stout, a Republican voter, shared that he is concerned about the economy as Americans struggle with credit card debt, and real estate values plummet. 

Moderate voter, Yiatin Chu, explained that education is a leading issue for her as she asserts that education is not going in the right direction. She argued that lowering the bar is not holding our children to the high standards that they should be expected to meet. 

Democratic voter, Khayyam Payton, shared his concerns over the negative influence on kids including drugs, gun violence, and other factors that are negatively affecting mental health. Payton hopes there will be a plan to help those who are struggling.

Conservative voter, Madeline Brame, who lost two of her children, one to murder and the other to an accidental fentanyl overdose, shared that she is concerned about the daily survival in New York in particular. Brame’s youngest son is a paratrooper and is out of New York, but Brame is still concerned for her safety living in New York, and the financial stress that she experiences as well. Brame hopes to hear Biden tell the American people the truth and stop trying to be politically correct. She called on Biden to stop “gaslighting” the American public and face reality. 

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