‘Do No Harm’ Aims to Stop ‘Woke’ Ideology From Spreading to Medical Care

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed ‘Do No Harm’ chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb and executive director Kristina Rasmussen to discuss their initiative combating ‘wokeness’ in healthcare as Critical Race Theory has found its way into medicine.

Goldfarb explained that Critical Race Theory in the medical field is a “terrible” initiative, noting Ibram X. Kendi’s assertion that “any past discrimination must be dealt with with future discrimination,” meaning that patients will be discriminated against as doctors will be forced to favor one group over another. Goldfarb argued that patients must be treated as individuals, not treated as part of a group. He added the example that several healthcare systems and states have developed algorithms in which race will determine whether a patient will receive a rare, scarce medication. 


Rasmussen described their nonprofit, ‘Do No Harm,’ as a coalition of doctors, nurses, medical students, patients, and administrators who are concerned with “woke ideology spreading in the healthcare system.” She urged anyone dealing with Critical Race Theory in their workplace to contact ‘Do No Harm’ for assistance in handling the matter. 


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