Doug Collins Highlights the ‘Bigger Questions’ Surrounding the Classified Documents Scandal

Former Georgia Rep. Doug Collins joined FOX and Friends Friday morning to discuss the classified documents scandal and the first lady shielding President Biden from the press to help him avoid responding to questions. 

Collins explained that the bigger question now is the classification process itself, noting that there is much that is being over-classified, such as the background documents found in former Vice President Mike Pence’s residence. Collins argued that the impact of the classified information in the documents is of significance, adding that it must be determined whether or not the information poses a national security risk. 


Collins explained that there are military members and other members of government who face scrutiny if such documents are in their possession, and with the documents now being looked at by those in possession at the top levels of government, the presidents and vice presidents, this is a situation that must be taken seriously and investigated properly. 

Concerning the first lady shielding President Biden from reporters, Collins said it is part of the president’s job to be part of the process of understanding. 


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