Douglas Blair Describes “Horrifying” Scene Outside Supreme Court Justices’ Private Homes

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed The Daily Signal news producer Douglas Blair to discuss the protests outside of the homes of Supreme Court Justices in an effort to intimidate them concerning Roe v. Wade.  

Blair, who witnessed the protests, described the scene as “nothing short of horrifying,” adding that it says a lot that we have gotten to a point where protestors feel they can scream, yell, and intimidate Supreme Court Justices outside of their private homes. He added that it also says a lot about the Biden administration for not condemning the actions. Blair stated that whether or not it is even legal to protest outside of the Justice’s private residences, “it’s the morality of the thing – the fact that they’ve decided that it’s now acceptable to intimidate a Justice into getting what they want just shows how deranged and out of touch with the American people the radical left is.”


With protestors fleeing when the police presence increased, Blair suggested that it is an indication that the fight for life will win.


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