Douglas Murray Explains How J.K. Rowling Was Able to Resist Getting ‘Canceled’

Fox News contributor Douglas Murray joined FOX and Friends Wednesday morning to discuss the attempt to cancel author J.K. Rowling over past comments regarding the transgender community. Rowling said that her comments were not intended to “upset anyone,” adding that she was ‘misunderstood.’

Murray called Rowling “the most successful author on the planet,” noting that her Harry Potter series has been an international sensation for decades with hundreds of millions of copies sold. 


Rowling was reprimanded by the far left for simply saying “women are women.” Although they tried to cancel her, Rowling’s soaring popularity made their attempt unsuccessful, and now, she is the one receiving the apology for ill remarks directed towards her. 

One of Rowling’s critics who likened her to a Nazi, is being forced to apologize to the author, and did so via Twitter. Other critics took their commentary far beyond the issue itself as well, accusing Rowling of falsities to try to damage her image. 


Rowling stood up “to the mob” feeling that her comment was ‘misunderstood’ and needed no apology. Rowling’s bold strength standing up to the left has been remarkable, and she will be sharing more details in an upcoming podcast.

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