Dr. Alveda King Shares Personal and Powerful Pro-Life Message

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed Fox News contributor and founder of Speak For Life Dr. Alveda King to discuss her reaction to President Biden’s defense of abortion. 

King firmly asserted that President Biden “can offer Americans something better than abortion if he would just take the time and be present.” Instead, she says, Biden is not hearing the cries of babies in the womb or the pain and suffering of the mothers and fathers. She added that as a woman who has had abortions herself and a miscarriage, she was hurt and wants women to be healthy and safe which means not having abortions. 


Defending babies in the womb, King shared that she wants them to have dignity adding that “God says choose life for a reason – life is a gift and children are gifts from the Lord.” King also shared the powerful message that though we may experience anxiety or uncertainty, putting trust in the Lord, and having “faith, hope, and love” is stronger than any fear. 


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