Dr. Siegel Reacts to Report that U.S. Was Possibly Scammed by Wuhan Lab

Dr. Marc Siegel joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Wednesday morning to discuss his reaction to the new report that the United States may have been scammed out of tens of millions of dollars by China’s Wuhan lab. 

Siegel shared that the most important question to begin with is what was the United States doing paying Wuhan lab in the first place, adding that doing so recklessly without tracking how much money was being given makes the circumstances even worse. 


The Wuhan labs were “cited for sloppiness,” said Siegel, but the problem is that the NIH believed in an international consortium of scientists, gathering scientists together to study viruses to get ahead of them. However, doing this in China is risky, Siegel said, because it is impossible to know what is going on in China due to how much the Chinese Communist Party covers up. 

Dr. Siegel also discussed the problem of fentanyl ahead of spring break. Siegel said that the influx of the fentanyl threat is causing people to carry the antidote, Narcan, in case they see people drop on the beach. This is because of the cartels, said Siegel, who alerted parents to the deliberate nature of cartels who are going after areas where they know youth will be present.


Narcan is available over the counter, said Siegel, noting that it is just a nasal spray and anyone can learn how to use it. He suggested that people carry Narcan in areas where there is a substantial threat. 

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