Elisabeth Hasselbeck Discusses New Children’s Book, Return to ‘The View’

Thursday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed former FOX and Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck to discuss her new children’s book Flashlight Night, and her return to The View as a guest host after ten years. 

Hasselbeck explained that her children’s book teaches children about God and prayer as they face life’s challenges. Hasselbeck shared that she was thrilled to learn that her book is being used in Christian schools. With concerns about the direction in which America is going, Hasselbeck shared that she understands those concerns but is always filled with hope that “better days are ahead of us.”


With her guest host return to The View, which Hasselbeck co-hosted from 2003-2013, she shared that it was a great experience and the blessing of maturity has taught her much about relationships, communication, and perspective while still remaining firm in her own beliefs. 


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