Father-Daughter Duo Share Inspiration Behind American-Made Coffee Company

Marine veteran TShane Johnson and his 8-year-old daughter and entrepreneur Charli joined FOX and Friends Monday morning to discuss their American-made business ‘Big Guns Coffee Company.’

Charli shared that the idea stemmed from encouraging others to feel accomplished doing something, and simply drinking a cup of American-made coffee can make people feel good. 


‘Big Guns Coffee Company’ is the first to use a hydroponic process that creates sustainability in the full-life cycle of the coffee in which it is grown, roasted, served, and recycled. 

Although Charli does not prefer the drink of coffee, she understands that many adults really like it. 


TShane shared that there is so much talk about the youth in our country not doing much, and he wanted to take the opportunity to show that young people are working and motivated. He also shared that not only does it allow him to spend more time with his daughter, he is also showing her that people will support her for this great cause. 

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