Female Powerlifter Reacts to Trans Athlete Smashing Women’s Record

Powerlifter April Hutchinson joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends to share her reaction to the biological male Anne Andres who competed as a trans athlete and smashed the women’s world powerlifting record at 460 pounds more than the second place winner who is a biological woman. Hutchinson said that anyone supporting this is “helping erase women’s sports.” 

Hutchinson explained that this is “disheartening” and “outrageous.” She called the ordeal a “slap in the face to women” that the federation, after all of the protests, has not stepped up to protect women in sports. 


Hutchinson previously said “bodies play sports, not identities.” She knows that now any man can walk into a competition saying he is a woman and be able to compete. In Canada, there is no standard for trans athletes in competitions, and Hutchinson warned that men are going to keep doing this and keep winning while women become pushed out of their sports. 

Andres has some supporters, explained Hutchinson, but added that some had no idea that the athlete was a biological male. 


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