Firearms Instructor Explains Why More Women Are Seeking Permits, His Method of Teaching Them

Monday morning on FOX and Friends, Ainsley Earhardt interviewed former police firearms instructor Terrence Lappe who is now offering lessons to women and residents of Philadelphia who want to learn how to defend themselves as crime rates soar. 

Lappe explained that in the last few years, registration for his classes has skyrocketed, and most of his students are female. According to Lappe, more females are signing up because they are scared and want to protect themselves. Although he praised the police department for their work, he explained that they are stretched thin and cannot be everywhere all the time. 


One of his students joined Lappe in the interview sharing how she took steps learning how to handle a gun and felt comfortable doing so with the way Lappe has taught her. Lappe explained that part of what he teaches his students is a mindset, trying to put them at ease and not intimidating them so that they build comfort and confidence through his lessons.


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