Florida Police Officers Describe Heroic Rescue Pulling Driver From a Burning Car

After saving a driver from a burning car, Florida’s Corporal Joseph Barnett and Deputy Steve Pierre from the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office joined Ainsley Earhardt Thursday morning on FOX and Friends to share details of the rescue. 

Barnett explained before even getting the 911 call, they arrived on the scene where they found the driver still in the car that was ignited in flames. After hitting the car with the fire extinguisher, the deputies began working on getting the driver out of the car. 


Pierre explained that the driver’s door was smashed, trapping the driver in the car. The deputy along with a couple of good samaritans pulled the door open, cut the seat belt loose, and pulled the driver out of the vehicle, getting him to safety. 

The officers saved the driver’s life. The uncle of the driver thanked the officers and the driver’s brother who helped the first responders pull the man to safety “by the grace of God.”


Pierre humbly responded saying they were just doing their job and were “at the right place at the right time.” Barnett shared that saving lives is what makes their job rewarding. 

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