Florida Voters Slam Biden Administration Describing Concerns Ahead of Midterms

Lawrence Jones joined FOX and Friends Wednesday morning to share his interactions with voters in Florida discussing their concerns just ahead of the midterm elections. 

Lawrence interviewed one couple who explained that they suffered economically under the Obama administration, got back on track during the Trump administration, and have returned to the same experience they had under Obama now with the Biden administration. The couple questioned how the Biden administration was able to harm the country in such little time, noting that it is “just bewildering.”


A father interviewed by Lawrence shared similar concerns, adding that it seems the current administration has no interest in solving the real issues facing Americans as they concern themselves with their woke agenda. Also focusing on the economy, the father of three shared that his money is no longer getting him and his family what it used to, and now they are losing their savings. 

One woman summarized the state of the country as a “political thriller,” adding that she cannot believe that this is the United States of America. 


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