Former Congressional Candidate Shares Personal Immigration Story as Title 42 Set to End

Irene Armendariz-Jackson from El Paso, Texas, whose parents legally emigrated from Mexico, joined Ainsley Earhardt on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning to discuss the surge of illegal immigrants rushing the southern border as Title 42 is about to come to an end in May. 

Armendariz-Jackson, who ran for Congress in the last election, explained that there is a big movement in El Paso and she has received many messages alerting her to the crisis at the border. She shared that she saw the masses in person herself to verify the information, and she began interviewing Americans whose parents emigrated from Mexico legally who said that they want to put a stop to illegal immigration. 


While interviewing El Paso residents, where Beto O-Rourke is from and an area which is considered largely leftist, Armendariz-Jackson asked whether they would vote for Trump or Biden, and the majority of people said they wanted to vote for Trump. 

One gentleman who is a legal resident but not yet a citizen, shared that he was going to start the process to become a citizen because he sees the urgency in voting, and voting Republican. 


Armendariz-Jackson shared that with her experience, seeing what is happening with illegal immigration frustrates her because she says, growing up, her father provided for her family as a construction worker and would need to leave El Paso for many months during the year when illegals would take work away from him. The idea that “illegals only come and take the jobs that no Americans want,” is a lie, said Armendariz-Jackson. 

With her daughter’s recent college graduation, Armendariz-Jackson shared that in response to asking him how he felt about it, her father said that he reflected on his journey seeking the American dream, and after seeing his granddaughter graduate from a university was proof to him that he achieved the American dream. 

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