Former Detective Calls Out COVID ‘Hypocrisy’ After Being Fired for Vaccine Status

Wednesday morning on FOX and Friends Ainsley Earhardt interviewed former King County Sheriff’s detective Jenifer Eshom to discuss the hypocrisy of her former workplace in firing her for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine and now demanding she returns to testify. 

Eshom explained that she warned the court she would be moving out of state if she were to be fired for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, asking them not to fire her until her cases have gone through the system. The court replied that her future plans did not mean anything to them no matter what type of cases she had, and they went ahead with her termination. Now, with her new job that is across the country, Eshom shared that it is difficult for her to return for the trials and finds it hypocritical that she was deemed a “danger” to her coworkers for being unvaccinated and banned from entering the building, to now being ordered to show up. 

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